New truck from GM bait and switch. Don't use Gulf Coast Chevrolet

Doolittle, Texas 0 comments

Traded my 2006 paid off Chevrolet for a 2013 similarly equipped. Here's where the problems began. A. Door handle on drivers side broke on day one B. Fuel economy of the 4.8 no where near where it states on the sticker C. It's a rattle box pos that they can not fix. GM consumer affairs says there's nothing they can do.


How does my down payment show 1000 yet now they want another 800? Why would they not write a receipt for said money( handed me a business card with800 paid written on it) asked that I bring in blank survey for a free tank of gas? WTF are they that bad? Anyone who wishes to buy a new vehicle should stay as far away from GULF COAST AUTO PARK AND TONY MEZA as they can unless you want to get screwed. Also tried to talk us into another vehicle and let our other one get repoed. CROOKS.

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